Spring 2014 Online Budget Worksheet:
This budgeting tool is provided for you to estimate your cost of attendance.
# Units:  0
Total Units Cost: 
Orientation Fee:  $0.00
Student Activity Fee:  $0.00
Registration Fee:  $0.00
Parking Fee: 
Media Fee:  $0.00
Recreation Center Fee:  $0.00
Accident Insurance:  $0.00
Sickness Insurance:  $0.00
MBA Fee:  $0.00
International Student Fee:  $0.00
Flexi Dollars:  $0.00
Lion Dollars:  $0.00
No Housing $0.00
Lion Plan:  $0.00
Current Acct. Balance:  $0.00

(less) Financial Aid:  $0.00

Total Amount Due:  $0.00

Online Budget Worksheet
This worksheet is for students who would like to estimate their balance due for the current semester.

4/23/2014 2:22:34 AM

Tuition, Fees and Expenses
First semester entering LMU?
Select Program:
Number of Units:  *
Orientation Fee:
(New Students Only)
Student Activity Fee: $0.00
Registration Fee: $0.00
Media Fee:
(New Students Only)
Recreation Center Fee: $0.00
Accident Insurance:
(New Students Only)
MBA Fee: (Required MBA & SELP) $0.00
Other Fees and Expenses
International Student?
Parking Fee:
Sickness Insurance:
Flexi Dollars:
S Dollars:
Select your desired residence/contracted residence:
Lion Meal Plan (required for Residence Halls)
Select your Lion Plan:
* Meal Plan required in Spring, if enrolled in Fall.
For Spring choose the same plan as in Fall
Current/Previous Account Balance
Retrieve your current or previous  balance from the LMU PROWL System and input into this field.

If you have an outstanding balance due from a previous semester, list it on this line. Previous balances must be paid in full.

Financial Aid (awarded) - Please exclude Federal College Workstudy and LMU Work as they are not eligible for inclusion in a payment plan. Financial aid is awarded in full year amounts. Please divide your full year aid in half to budget for just the semester.
Aid Amount
NOTE: Deduct 3% from the Federal Loan Amount.
This is an estimate of the bank fees associated with Federal Loan programs.


Payment Plan Options

For payment plan options and instructions please go to www.lmu.edu/studentaccounts.


NOTE: This budgeting tool is inclusive of tuition, room, board, and mandatory fees only. Additional fees such as, but not limited to lab fees, library, etcetera will be assessed accordingly.